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We work closely with our clients in order to deliver robust solutions in a timely manner. Delivering high quality results is one of our core values and that extends from the software that we ship to how we communicate with you.

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Everything you need to get to production

We have experience working with applications across the entire technology stack. From local development, to CI, to production. We'll make sure that your applications run without any issues.

Elixir and Phoenix Applications

Need help with your Phoenix or Elixir application? We have been using Elixir and Phoenix since before they hit 1.0.0 and can help you get your application up and running in no time!

VueJS Applications

Whether you are writing a Single Page Application or augmenting your server rendered application with some Vue components. We have the know-how to get your project rolling in the right direction.

Application Observability

Waiting on your customers to tell you that something is wrong with your application? We'll help you set up the observability tools you need in order to ensure a top notch customer experience.

Alex lent us his instrumentation expertise to guide us through a Prometheus/Grafana overhaul. From writing custom dashboards to taming an intricate tooling setup, he quickly delivered excellent work.

Alex is all pro. He helped us define our needs, developed solutions for those needs, and delivered it all with quality and timeliness. I would absolutely work with him again.

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